Nenad Trifunovic

Nenad Trifunovic

Vinopija is not a sommelier or oenologist, but “just” a literate person with a passion for wine. Although of enviable experience and concentration, Vinopija is an “ordinary” wine consumer who, as he himself says, has decided to give meaning to money spent on bottles of wine, by recording his thoughts and commenting on them with those who are interested. Always focused exclusively on the wine, without prejudices, Vinopija has persisted for seven years in his style, still insisting that he is primarily just a consumer and wine enthusiast. Although he is not “a professional man”, or maybe precisely because of that, with his unpretentious approach he has won over both the most demanding and the mass wine audience. His Dnevnik Vinopije (Diary of the Wine-Drinker) is a leading Croatian wine blog, and Vinopija’s very informed, but still palatable impressions often arouse much comment and are a real archive of unique wine discussions. Last year, together with a friend he started a Wine Reading Room, an education programme about the culture of the table with an emphasis on wine. Satisfied participants sharpen their skills and gain unique insight into wines, in the way the wines are read by Vinopija himself.

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