Exploring the Kopjar Wines Lineup

By , 11 Aug 2017, 12:17 PM Bottle Reviews
Exploring the Kopjar Wines Lineup Source: Vinopija.com

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Analysing wines from a producer north of Zagreb

Kopjar, Sauvignon, 2016

Price: 75,00 kunas

I am glad the public has acknowledged a good Sauvignon. Affiliation to a “south Steiermark pool” is felt here. Elder is very discrete, there is more nettle and grass.

The muscled body behaves great on the palate. Like a trained terrier, discipline additionally sharpened with focus (completely in line with expectations from a Sauvignon). Schooling is felt, but this cellar work is skilful, careful. One that listens to the wine, not to the recipe.

An impression of a larger and stronger body with plenty of strength surprises pleasantly in the context of only 12% alcohols. Quality extract and just slightly tougher acid grip which speaks that the wine is local.

Kopjar, Rhine Riesling, 2013

Price: 59,80 kunas

Sucking up the air. I love that. Electric tension at the first scent.

More relaxed in the mouth, drinkable, green apple and goose berry dominate while the fruity ripeness does not. Strong “green” aroma.

Integrated acids in the fresh wholeness and without visible sugar residue. 12% and semi-dry? Analytically maybe. Formed wine and a clear direction in which the younger harvests will move, I believe.

Here the “oenological signature” can be felt best like with Bolfan and lather with Bedeković and I have to say – welcomed by me. Focused low-alcohol wines of penetrating extract.

So-called best-buy wine which I would recommend if it was available in more significant quantitites.


Kopjar, Rhine Riesling, 2015

Price: 75,00 kunas

Lemongrass and herbs, but with more fruits. Vineyard peach, the apple is pungent here.

Relax and juicy wholeness without visible sugar residue. 12.5% alcohols. Again, officially semi-dry, realistically unimportant. As with such wonderful ripeness of the material and this yellow presence of apple juice, it may not achieve special depth yet, but the harmony is enviable.

Kopjar, Pinot Nero, 2015

Currently unavailable due to very small quantity. Slim body and pungent fruit, cherries. Quite ripe, but with excellently balanced acids which are cold but quite soft… like a pillow for super tiny and sparse tannins. Blended into the body and texture, tannins seem unnoticeable, but their role here is paramount. Especially tasty and fruity Pinot.

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