Clai, Ottocento Red, 2014

By , 22 Dec 2017, 17:24 PM Bottle Reviews
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A wonderful product from a catastrophic year

Price: 195,02 kn

Dynamics on the palate and a trace of rusticity...

A whole which is hearty, wine which goes down well, more than good with meat dishes and sauces as it gives a freshness and follows each bite.

Fruits are sharp, balance convincing, with clear earthy sensations. Hard to tell if there is cranberry or beet in the mouth.

A coupage of Refošk, Merlot and Cabernet from Istrian soil should not be a „greasy wine“ such as some warmer harvests of Ottocento red.

Does anyone else find this Ottocento from a catastrophic year the best since the red Ottocento 2007?

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