Croatian Winemakers: Florijanović in Popovača

By , 10 Jan 2017, 19:32 PM Croatian Wine Producers

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Florijanović family winery is one of many up-and-coming wineries in Moslavina, a wine region that has recently started gaining much more prominence among wine lovers in Croatia, since the winemakers in the region decided to adopt the modern techniques of winemaking both in the vineyards and in the cellars. Owned and managed by Ivica Florijanović, they have been on the market producing wines since the early nineties of the last century, and currently they have around 7 hectares of vineyards where they grow their grapes.

The varieties in those vineyards include three varieties indigenous to the Moslavina region: škrlet, moslavac, and a less known, very fragrant white variety, dišeća ranina, present only in the narrow region. Graševina, frankovka, yellow muscat (žuti muškat in Croatian), chardonnay, silvanac, traminac, rhein Riesling, pinot blanc, pinot grigio and pinot noir, frankovka and cabernet sauvignon are other varieties present in Florijanović’s vineyards.

As you can conclude from the list of varieties in their vineyards, their wines are mostly fragrant and full of aroma, and the winemaker himself claims that those wines are made to appeal to the younger customers and the ladies, which are the two groups traditionally more inclined to such wines. Being from the region and quite active in the Association of Škrlet growers, Ivica Florijanović has made one of the most serious škrlets in Croatia, a dry white wine, not too fragrant or seductive, but absolutely a wine that will leave you wanting to try other wines of that variety.

Their rhein Riesling is elegant, well balanced, and should be had with a fish course or pasta. Yellow muscat is fragrantly varietal, as it should be, but much lighter than muscats tend to be and refreshing. Should be enjoyed along lighter desserts, as stronger, more sugary or fatty desserts will destroy the lightness of the wine. We’re sure that we are going to be hearing more about this winery, as most of their wines show great potential for aging, so it’s possible that some of those wines will get much better with age, and we shouldn’t be surprised if they win much more medals and awards to add to the ones they’ve already managed to achieve with their wines, both domestically and internationally.

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