Art and Wine Combine for a Delightful Mežnarić Surprise from Zagorje

By , 20 Sep 2016, 11:25 AM Croatian Wine Producers

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The Zagreb Cheese bar recently presented to wine lovers a new wine name on the Croatian scene. However, it is and it isn’t new as the tradition of wine producing in the Mežnarić family is long. Hrvoje Mežnarić is one of the wine makers one can listen to for a long time while he speaks of the process of creating wine and his wine and art inspirations. As wines are often like the wine maker, even before tasting we conclude his wines are spiritual, energetic and flaunting. We must not be fooled by the humour, playfulness and easiness with which Hrvoje devotes himself to wines as behind everything is seriousness, knowledge and a reasonable, realistic approach.


The wines demonstrate a wine makers dedication, understanding of wines and sorts, love and knowledge. Constant and persistent growth of quality in this winery is a result of long term investment in knowledge and appropriate, modern production technology, with an important role played by advice from experienced enologist Leo Gracin. Although the area of Varaždinske Toplice (Jalžabet wine road) is not the most prominent Croatian wine region, we enjoy the surprises with an open mind and stereotypes of bitter Zagorje wines are overcome. The assortment of Mežnarić winery is characteristic of the region he comes from, with primarily Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Nero, Green Silvanac, Chardonnay, Yellow Muscat and an annual production of 25.000 bottles. The pureness of expression of these sorts left no one indifferent, especially since the quality of wine far surpasses their accessible price. They are very harmonious with elegant aromas, well structured. Last but not least, the names of wine are catchy, while the wine labels are extremely imaginative and grab attention with their concept and design, making an instant connection with wine lovers.


On the back of every bottle is a movie quote, as Hrvoje Mežnarić is also a big movie fan, so an interesting discussion was had on that topic too. We must therefore mention and commend the authors of the concept, art direction and design - BE KONCEPT. In any case, the Zagreb promotion was successful, while offered wines were from the 2015 vintage: Pinot Nero Marvel Noir, Chardonnay Charm, Green Silvanac Savant, Sauvignon Blanc Stellar Blanc, rose Rosy and Yellow Muscat Precious.




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