Enozoik - A New Wine Era Begins

By , 25 Sep 2017, 10:46 AM News
Enozoik - A New Wine Era Begins Press

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Enozoik, an ambitious new online wine shop, was launched a few days ago.

The lively Croatian wine market and scene got a great new and propulsive addition a few days ago. It is Enozoik, a wine importing and distributing company, whose name reveals a "hidden" intent, or, more precisely the owner's vision to launch a new wine era. The authors of the concept and people at the forefront of the new company are Zoran Paunović and Dražan Dennis Šunjić, the same people who are behind the Wine Academy Croatia project, joined by Vjekosalv Stojšić.

01_ENOZOIK TIM_Zoran Paunović, Vjekoslav Stojišić i Dražan Dennis Šunjić.JPG

They have plenty of experience, as this trio is well-known among wine lovers, and they have a rich and varied career in the sector, from being the sommeliers and wine buyers for Michelin starred restaurants, creating award-winning wine lists, distribution management, wine harvesting in Australia, traveling around all wine regions of the world, to organizing wine-related events. Their goal is to create a wine portfolio for genuine wine lovers and they wish to gather experts and enthusiasts around the Enozoik brand, i.e. those who feel a true passion for wine, so the brand tagline is Passion!

Their webshop was presented at the launching ceremony, as well as the top labels from their portfolio, which have been carefully designed mostly by Mr Šunjić, who has had many years of experience as a top manager for a renowned UK distributor. So, it is no surprise that the portfolio included the most awarded wine in the world, by Charles Heidsieck champagne house. The first brand ambassador for Charles Heidsieck is boutique hotel Boškinac on the Island of Pag, but the company is ready and open for cooperation with other companies in the future.

04_Willem Pincon, Brand Manager Charles Heidsieck.JPG

"First of all, we want to connect the import, distribution and education of professional staff," said Mr Šunjić, and he also wanted to put focus on "terrorists" from Altos Los Homigas, the most advanced winery in the world when it comes to terroirs by the glass. There is also the Italian wine icon Fontodi, one of the global Chianti pioneers. Everyone acquainted with the famous Paris Wine Tasting / The Judgement of Paris will appreciate the fact that Croats will finally have the opportunity to taste Bride Valley, an English sparkling wine made by Steven Spurrier. The king of white wines has also been included, so you can look forward to finally tasting the famous Dreissigacker. All other exciting labels and wine stories can be found on their website: www.enozoik.com.

The benefits of purchasing wines at Enozoik webshop, besides the simplicity and the fact that you can buy them virtually from any location, is the quick delivery and the fact that wines are delivered directly to your doorstep. Delivery is free for the City of Zagreb, and the company uses secure shipping for the rest of Croatia. Vjekoslav Stojišić has plenty of experience in combining personalised offers, so he said:

"We do not wish to be your average shop, but we want to be available and accessible to everyone, whether you're a consumer who needs a bottle of wine for dinner with friends, passionate expert, or caterer and hotelier. We want to provide adequate support and cooperation both in sales and education."

08_atmosfera sa launch eventa.JPG

And when they mention education in Enozoik, the first thing that comes to mind is the WSET education programme, which has been "creating" new wine lovers for four years now, and, from now on, they will also offer consulting services on creating wine lists, pairing food and wine and staff training.

Good luck, Enozoik - we wish you a happy wine journey.

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