Lika-Senj County

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The Lika-Senj County of contrasts with the azure Adriatic, the commanding Velebit mountains and fertile plains.

In general, this county is not a wine producing region, however, there are a few small producers located on the island of Pag with one in particular who produces tremendous wines.

Boškinac winery is located on a hill overlooking their vineyards in Novalja. The location is quite beautiful as they amidst pine forests and just a stones throw from the sea. 

The production of wine in this family has been a family tradition for 4 generations with the current Boškinac vineyard being planted in 2000. Boškinac produce seven wines, the most interesting being gegić, a white grape variety native to Pag and the spectacular Boškinac Cuvee, a cabernet sauvignon and merlot blend, which is an absolute must try wine when in Croatia. 

They have an impressive tasting room and both konoba and restaurant where you can try their interesting and innovative food like Anthony Bourdain did. 

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Croatia Wine Map

For all of the various varieties, indigenous and imported, hundreds of winemakers and many different wine styles, Croatia can be divided into 4 major winemaking regions. Those are: Eastern Continental Croatia, Croatian Highlands, Istria and Kvarner Bay, and Dalmatia. We have written about those regions extensively, and we invite you to research them through our article on the regions, articles with more details written on specifics of wine-making in each of the Croatian counties and through our series of articles showing you the virtual wine maps for best-known wine regions in Croatia.


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