EverGreen Sushi Bar in Zagreb

By , 05 Jun 2016, 17:51 PM Winebars

Zagreb is becoming a truly multicultural city; at least when gastronomy is concerned. Hence the invitation to a new menu tasting at the EverGreen Sushi Bar at 49 Ilica street in Zagreb.


Tasting expectations... Well, almost non-existent... I've tried sushi in our homeland several times in several locations and cannot say I was always pleased. On the contrary, I began to be suspicious of the meal. To be honest, I'm not a great connoisseur of sushi. I'm not. I know some basics, but as a devoted hedonist I know when something is good, as opposed to simply noticing when something is "industrial". Simply, one develops a "sixth sense". So, slightly skeptical, I ventured into the place.


At the very entrance, I was overcome with satisfaction. No tacky imitations of Japanese or Chinese traditions (some of our caterers don't see the difference). On the contrary, pleasant interior, modern and functional, equally important. Well chosen, relaxing colors make you realize quickly that everything is focused on what's on the plate.


An important detail is certainly the open kitchen, naturally separated by glass, but the sushi rolling can be observed. As you watch a master do it, all doubts about the manual work are gone... Of course it is! As I said, not a sushi expert, but this was my best sushi meal, without question.


Equally important is the fact that the staff has the patience to explain what it is and has the knowledge for it. Believe me, it's quite important, since understanding someone's gastronomy tradition requires knowledge of the subject. So, every visit to this sushi bar is also a lesson. Naturally, for those willing to learn.


What matters to me, they have a solid wine chart. And yes, they have a wine made specifically to combine with the sushi and I must say, it's fresh and very drinkable and combines quite well. This was Oroya sushi wine, a superior white wine of Japanese enology aiming to create a wine ideally suited for sushi meals. This was achieved in the Freixenet winery with traditional Spanish sorts from the Castilla area: Airen, Macabeo and Moscatel.


Final thoughts? All who want to try sushi and learn something - head for the EverGreen Sushi Bar. This place should be your quality measuring bar and believe me: you won't go wrong and will keep going back.


Original article in Croatian.

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