Wine Bars in Croatia: Paradox in Split

By , 18 Oct 2016, 21:46 PM Winebars

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One of the most ambitious wine bars in Croatia is not located in the Capital, rather in the increasingly tourist-oriented city of Split, the largest city in Dalmatia. Paradox wine and Cheese Bar, open in Split in the summer of 2012, has proven to be an excellent choice for tourists and wine-enthusiasts as well, looking for a peaceful place to enjoy a nice bite and a glass of excellent wine in the busy city. Zoran Pejović and Marko Sučić are the joint partners in this studious project that leaves nothing to chance. It was a well known fact in Split before they opened their wine bar that there are not many (if any) good restaurants, and there was no wine bars at all. So, their idea of opening a wine and cheese bar was something that was new in the city where most people brag about their knowledge of wine, cheese and “pršut”. And several years later, the Paradox bar is often said to be the best wine bar in Croatia, not just because of the friendly and cosy atmosphere, one of the nicest terraces in the city of Split or the biggest wine selection, but also because of the education that goes on in the bar with every slice of cheese and glass of wine. And the hospitality that is offered to the each customer by the staff, almost all trained sommeliers, is also something that is not traditional to Split, but has been greatly accepted and appreciated by the tourists and the local guests alike.

The wine list of Paradox is also carefully designed, it has around 100 labels at any time, and they try and maintain around 80% of domestic wines, and the rest are imported wines. One of the things they are trying to accomplish is to promote as many indigenous varieties during the summer, when there are more tourists in the city, because they want to taste as many local wines as possible. During the slow tourist months, more imported wines are offered to the local customers in order to educate them further, under the assumption that the local Dalmatian people know more about the local wines, and enjoy the new labels of imported wines. 50-60 of the offered wines are also available by the glass, which aligns perfectly with their intent to educate their customers on Dalmatian wines, explain to them why they are so alcoholic, full-bodied and high on tannins.

The cheese part of their offer is also impressive, as Paradox hosts the largest selection of cheeses in Croatia, and the people working there will be more than willing to help you choose the cheese to go along with the glass of wine you selected. Or vice versa :) With each serving of cheese you will get some nuts and jam (some users on the internet say that this jam was the highlight of their visit!), and the prices are very affordable, both for the cheeses and wine (though some wines are a bit on the exclusive side, with the prices per glass going over a hundred kuna).

PS: the same partners opened the restaurant Paradigma in Split, which has already been put on several lists of best Croatian restaurants and on the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe list.

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