Wine Bars in Croatia: La Bodega in Dubrovnik

By , 20 Oct 2016, 19:26 PM Winebars

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Dubrovnik is one of the nicest and most visited cities on the Mediterranean, and its reputation has grown in the recent years as an elite destination. And, you can’t be a top destination without a wine bar to mention. There are a few wine bars in Dubrovnik and La Bodega Dubrovnik probably has the best location of them all – it is situated on four stories of a 16th century palace in the heart of the Dubrovnik Old Town, on Stradun, right next to the St. Blasius Church, and it has been open there for the past 2 years. In addition to being a wine bar, La Bodega also has excellent selections of Croatian cheeses and pršut (and Spanish Pata Negra as well) to help with your wine consumption. In the mornings, before it’s socially acceptable to have wine (some social norms do need to change as soon as possible, though), La Bodega offers their customers breakfast and what they say is best coffee in Dubrovnik.

As for the wines, they are offering a staggering number of Croatian wines: 250 labels! That is more than any other wine-bar we wrote about so fair, and is impressive on any level. The wines are selected to represent the best wines Croatia has to offer, and La Bodega often has promotions of certain Croatian winemakers during which you can have their wines by glass, or bottles at very affordable prices. In addition to those, there are some imported wines, but the focus seems to be on the local favourites. Additionally, La Bodega often offers their guests cheese and pršut platters with the order of certain bottles, and those are carefully paired to bring out the best in the wine and in the cheese as well.

During the tourist season and the season of large crowds in Dubrovnik, La Bodega tends to become a very lively night entertainment spot, with DJ’s, live music, large crowds and excellent atmosphere lasting till the morning – just in time for that wonderful coffee they’re so proud of! And some of their parties, like the party at the beginning and especially the last party of the season are probably amongst the best parties in Dubrovnik, so don’t miss that opportunity if you’re around.

La Bodega Dubrovnik is a part of the small chain of 4 wine bars currently open in Zagreb, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

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