Wine Bars in Croatia: Peninsula in Orebić

By , 25 Oct 2016, 21:14 PM Winebars

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Pelješac peninsula is the home to the best Croatian plavac mali wines, and as such, it needs to have a wine bar that showcases what Pelješac is offering. Wine Bar "Peninsula" is exactly such a place on the peninsula. Located in the heart of the wine-making region of Pelješac, you can find and taste over 60 different labels of wine there, but they also offer several local extra virgin olive oils, homemade liqueurs and spirits, as well as the best Croatian cheeses and deli.

As far as the wines are concerned, the "Peninsula" wine bar offers almost all the wines of Pelješac peninsula and the neighbouring island of Korčula. Those, of course, include some of the best plavac mali wines available, and Peninsula is probably the perfect place if you want to learn what those two words you’ve probably heard of, Dingač and Postup mean. Have the people working there explain it to you over two glasses ofsome of the best wines from either position – we would recommend having a glass of Bura Dingač and Mare Postup to learn. And once you’ve figured that out, you can taste the really high-end plavac mali wines there, such as Korta Katarina RR (Reuben’s Private Reserve, in case you’re wondering), 2009 vintage, aged in oak for 24 months!, almost the entire Saint Hills “gamut”, Benmoche family wines (including their famous Zinfandel) and other Pelješac producers.

Korčula island (unfortunately, you can’t see it from the wine-bar, but take our word for it, it’s just behind the hill, a few miles away) offers the best of its white wines, different Cebalo grk wines (and Bire and Zure, and yes, I am sorry for that but that’s just what the labels and the people making grk are called), various pošip white wines offered come both from Korčula and from Pelješac, and the best there is of rukatac. One other detail will set this wine bar apart from most others: if you’re into plavac mali rose wines (as they’re called in the region, “opol”) here you will probably get the chance to taste the widest selection and find your favourite. All wines can be tasted by the glass and those wanting a little more than just everyday tasting can ask for a special, guided and specific tastings, such as parallel tastings of manufacturers or varieties are available upon request. To help you with all that wine, you can have some of the best Croatian cheeses, dressed with premium olive oils from Pelješac and Korčula, and various other local delicacies.

If you enjoy plavac mali wine, or would like to learn more about it and find out what your favourite maker is, Pelješac peninsula and wine bar Peninsula are the place to do it.

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