Wine Bars in Croatia: Vinita in Osijek

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Eastern Croatia, specifically Slavonia is a well know wine-making region, but not many wine bars are open there. One of the first ones to open in Osijek was Vinita wine bar, in the basement in the centre of Osijek, near the main attractions – main square and the cathedral. It was open in 2011 by the Ručević spouses, and it is a wine shop with a lovely wine bar.

They claim to offer over 400 labels of wine in their wine shop, that they have almost all Croatian wine-makers on offer, although they are more focused on local, Slavonian wine – but you will be able to find a plavac mali or a pošip if you want to, as well as many imported wines. In the wine bar, they offer quite a selection of wines by the glass, and the prices both in the wine shop and bar are quite affordable. You will find wines made by all of the Slavonian “usual suspects” here, such as Josić, Adžić, Krauthaker, Antunović, Iuris, Iločki podrumi etc, but also products by the less know winemakers such as Mihalj or Trs. Along with the wine they offer cold platters of meat cuts and cheese (since it is Slavonia, after all) and are very proud of their selection of various rakija (schnapps), olive oil (not traditionally Slavonian, of course, but being used more and more). Their wine shop also has a wide range of ready-made gift packages, or can make your bespoke gift.

The wonderful atmosphere of Vinita wine bar has made it one of the centres of social life in Osijek, and various events being held there are helping draw various clientele to the bar. Some of the events are guided tastings, various trainings (including the sommelier courses that are held there), various wine-maker presentations with exceptionally low prices and blind tasting competitions for the amateurs. There are some non-wine related events that are held there, such as book club meetings (we are, though, quite sure that some wine is had along with those interesting book discussions!) and board game nights, and they’re known to throw a great party on special occasions, such as St. Martin’s Day and Halloween.

Wide selection of wines both in the shop and in the wine bar, affordable prices and making the wine bar very open to different events helped make Vinita a location in Osijek where the guests can enjoy wine and learn more about the wine and wine culture every time they visit.


Vinita Wine Shop & Bar

There has been an explosion of wine bars all over Croatia in recent years, an exciting new trend in both tourism and a new outlet for local entertainment. The city of Split, for example, had no wine bars just four years ago, and it seems that now there is a new one opening every month. It has added another dimension to tourism and nightlife in general. 

It has also been an extremely interest outlet for local wine producers to present their wines to international customers, where perhaps previously they were not in a position to do so. Tourists in general tend to know little about Croatian wine, with its unpronounceable names and unfamiliar varieties. 

Some winebars focus exclusively on local Croatian varieties, while others have more of an international selection. As with all things Croatian wine related, there is plenty of choice!

Above you can find a map of the winebars of Croatia with contact details. We will be adding information about each of them in due course, and a link to those articles will appear in the details of the individual winebar in the map. If there is a winebar missing or some inaccurate information, please contact us on [email protected] and we will fix immediately.

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