Wine Bars in Croatia: Bracera in Varaždin

By , 25 Nov 2016, 23:11 PM Winebars

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Bracera is a not a word most people in Varaždin would be acquainted with. It is a type of sailboat, so you wouldn’t just stumble upon one of those in Croatian Zagorje. And yet, surprisingly enough, there is a wine bar in Varaždin called exactly that. And more than that, the Bracera Bar in Varaždin is decorated in a way that makes you feel like you’ve just entered an old sailboat, as it is inspired by the sea and Dalmatia.

Their wine list is also inspired by Dalmatia, and most of the wines on the list are the big, well known wines from the south of Croatia – such as Madirazza plavac and several other wines from the region. They offer some local favourites as well, of course, such as the whole series of wines by Jeruzalem Ormož winery etc. Most of the wines offered in the bar are available by the glass as well, and you can order a meat and cheese platter (Dalmatian pršut and mostly local cheese, along with some olives) if you’re hungry.

And those wines are not the only thing this bar has to offer: they have great liquor, including excellent local honey schnapps made by the Franić family, something you should most certainly try if you find yourself in Bracera. There’s other internationally renowned booze as well, Tanqueray gin, various well-known whiskeys etc.

The bar organizes many events, some of which are wine-centric, such as tasting of various wines and evenings with great discount on some wines (personal favourite: 50% off on all plavac mali night bottles!), but also whiskey parties, chestnut parties (probably some wine with those as well), football games, Friday after-work parties etc. It’s a great place to go out, have a drink or too, meet people and just enjoy the wonderfully Mediterranean atmosphere in the centre of Varaždin.

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