Ivo Kozarčanin

Ivo Kozarčanin

Ivo – I was born in 1964 in Zagreb, and I live in Samobor. I started to love wine as an adolescent, together with my father, who is also named Ivo, an amateur winemaker who taught me to respect the wine. In the early 1990s, I started writing about wine in Večernji List. I have published over a thousand articles about wine in Jutarnji List, Poslovni Dnevnik, Lider, Iće i Piće, Cafe, at websites podroom.net and gastro.24sata.hr... Since 2007, I write a wine column for 24sata, the newspaper where I am also an editor, and since 2010 I write the blog.vino.hr. I have passed the first level exams for a sommelier. I evaluate wines at the National Competition “Vina Croatia”, at the Zagreb County Competition, Vinistra, the Festival of Graševina, and at international competitions Muvina in Preshov in Slovakia, Portugieser de Mond in Pecs, and IceWine du Monde in the Lednice Castle in the Czech Republic.

Every sip of wine opens a door to a new world. It seems to me that the more I learn about wine, the less I know about it. And that is why I continue to learn, to enjoy and to obey the adage that you can be with no food for four weeks, with no water for four days, but with no wine just until four in the afternoon.

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