Croatian Wine Events

17 Dec 2016, 18:09 PM

As part of the Crljenak Kaštelanski Way weekend, this sunday, December 18, 2016 will be Open Cellars day in Kaštela.

16 Dec 2016, 20:20 PM

After we tried introducing you to a lovely Croatian (Middle-European, actually) winter custom of having mulled wine in the winter, and since Zagreb is again presenting a wonderful spectacle that is Advent in Zagreb, we just had to go around the city and try many, many mulled wines you can have on Zagreb squares and streets.

01 Dec 2016, 18:22 PM

Wine Marathon in Zmajevac is a wine event that literally has few participants standing at the end (and I do mean that in the literal sense of the word “literally”, not figuratively). And despite that fact, this year it was held for the 11th time, so it already has some tradition, usually taking place during the first weekend in October. And it really does make sense that it happens on a weekend!

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