08 Jul 2017, 20:35 PM

The approach looking for the true aroma of Istrian Malvazija is often called “traditional,” although knowledge and technology is widely present

07 Jul 2017, 15:10 PM

The Miloš Winery is, as far as we know, the only one in all of Dalmatia which releases its basic wines four years after the harvest

30 Jun 2017, 16:31 PM

Ivan has the potential to become one of the biggest – in wines and in character

28 Jun 2017, 21:05 PM

Exciting, authentic, wonderfully tailored – Teran

25 Jun 2017, 17:55 PM

The jury included, with the permanent trio Vitomir Andrić, Ivo Kozarčanin and Željko Suhadolnik, sommeliers Tihomir Purišić and Jelena Šimić Valentić, form wine traders Tomislav Jurjević, and Ivan Dropuljić, director of the international festival of wine and cuisine Zagreb

23 Jun 2017, 16:42 PM

It is incredible at what intensity the Volarević winery began to market their new products. It could be said the Komarna wine region, where their vineyards are, began to spout like a volcano

22 Jun 2017, 21:32 PM

It seems the Pavlomir Winery will become an unavoidable and recognisable name in the segment of sparkling wines

21 Jun 2017, 16:33 PM

Every sentence he says about his wine story leaves an impression of a man who simply enjoys what he does

20 Jun 2017, 22:09 PM

They are quite different, and yet so homogenous. I cannot recall when I laughed so much in those three days with them

17 Jun 2017, 21:49 PM

Sangreal by Bibich outperforms Venje by Enjingi

16 Jun 2017, 10:41 AM

Competing were also Pinot Gris 2015, Sauvignon and Malvazija 2016

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