Wine of the Week is the White Venje 2008

By , 23 Nov 2017, 15:35 PM Bottle Reviews
Wine of the Week is the White Venje 2008 Source: Enjingi winery

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A domestic wine again above foriegn competitors

Using Rhine Riesling, Graševina, Sauvignon, Traminer and Pinot Gris from his Venje vineyard in Vetovo near Kutjevo, Ivan Enjingi makes a same name complex, dense white wine with a long lingering taste. You eat it, not drink it, wrote the Wine Stars reviewers and gave the 2008 late harvest four stars and Wine of the Week title. It costs 79,98 kunas in Vrutak.

Three stars went to Sauternes Chateau Piat Simon 2014, a sweet wine with a lovely scent from Bordeaux (Vrutak, 111,52 kunas), a likeable sparkling Dargent Ice Demi Sec 2014 by the business group Les Grands Chais de France (Vrutak, 28,38 kunas) as well as the mineral Chardonnay 2016 by the Plešivica winery Šember (75 kunas in the cellar).

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