Wine of the Week is the 2013 Principovac Traminer

By , 22 Mar 2018, 15:40 PM Bottle Reviews
Wine of the Week is the 2013 Principovac Traminer Source: Ilok Cellars

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A great wine for special occasions, taking five stars from the Wine Stars reviewers

A great wine, lavish amber color. Fine scent of noble mould, quite lively in taste, complex and creamy. This is how the Traminer Principovac 2013 was described by Wine Stars reviewers who gave it five stars and wine of the week title. A semi dry wine for special moments or special company costs 140 kuna in Ilok Cellars stores.

Three stars and a hearty recommendation went to red wines Bocelli Tenor Red 2016, produced in Tuscany by the family of the famous opera singer (Vinolog, 120 kuna), Pinot Noir Les Grains 2016 by the French Marrenon Winery (Miva, 64.50 kuna) and the San Marino brut 2014 sparkling wine by the Pavlomir Wine House, costing 98 kuna in the winery near Novi Vinodolski.

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