Roxanich, Antica, 2010 vs. Roxanich, Milva, 2010

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Roxanich, Antica, 2010 vs. Roxanich, Milva, 2010 Source:

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Amber wine my ass. This is orange!

Price: 159,98 kn

The sexy macerate of Malvazija and Chardonnay is definitely not an amber wine. Restless energy is bursting from the glass as if the wine did not realize that after so much schooling in the Rožanić cellar it ended up in the bottle. The ‘schooling’ itself sounds a bit out of place. Although, time in the cellar is of crucial influence with such extremely macerated wines.

In its current phase, after the first touch with air, the Antica (Malvazija) reminds of a mandarin peel while Milva (Chardonnay) is much more honey-like, almondy and reminds of a Bermet, but refreshes like an orange in a baklava.

The acid kick of Antica irresistibly reminds of Čotar’s wines. Especially since the wine is so raw and piercing, with pulsating acids, seemingly thinner compared to Chardonnay, but with an energy rough on the palate and longer than with Milva…

Equally roughly dry, Milva is recognizable by the peachy Burgundy softness. It clearly demonstrates the capability of the variety to absorb wood, felt as a spice and unlike the Malvazija, Milva’s performance is more creamy, with higher extracts, but also bitter, nearly too much. At first it charms with sharpness, liveliness and fullness, without any acidity.

But neither Antica nor Milva are wines likeable at first. Envisioned and created as meditation wines, as wines of transformation in glass they are the emulsion connecting and redefining the boundaries of conventions.

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