Top 5 Mulled Wines in Advent in Zagreb

By , 16 Dec 2016, 20:20 PM Croatian Wine Events

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After we tried introducing you to a lovely Croatian (Middle-European, actually) winter custom of having mulled wine in the winter, and since Zagreb is again presenting a wonderful spectacle that is Advent in Zagreb, we just had to go around the city and try many, many mulled wines you can have on Zagreb squares and streets.

While this is a top-5 list, it’s in no way conclusive or absolute, because of several reasons:

  • We were not able to taste ALL of the wines offered in Zagreb. A lot of booths just offer the industrial version, which is not too bad, but still, it’s always the same and you know, almost like McDonalds. So, we tried those wines that know (and are willing to disclose, believe it or not) what wines they use for mulling, and out of those we chose the best 5 (well, 6, but the sixth is an honourable mention of an imported wine)
  • Because those wines that we tried are not industrial and standardized, they vary, probably each day. We tried a wine one day, and it was excellent, and tomorrow it was really not that good – maybe another person made it or some other factor is responsible for the change in the flavour. So, maybe some of our top-5or6 won’t be as good when you taste them, and we’re sorry about that. We enjoyed them.
  • We didn’t remember nor are we listing prices because they vary between 10 and 15 kuna and if you don’t plan on drinking 20-or-so of mulled wines on the main square, the difference is basically insignificant. And you’re gonna spend it all on sausages, chocolate kebab (yeah, we have that, I didn’t make that up – didn’t try it either, you’re on your own with that one) or other delicious stuff around.

So, what is our list for 2016? (The order is random, promise)

1) Wine bar Vino i ino from Šibenik teamed up with Bistro 75 from Zagreb, and on several booths on Europski trg they have an unique offer of various drinks, including our star: mulled wine made with Bibich Syrah Harlekin (so much for the idea that the winemakers hate mulled wine and don’t want to see their wine “wasted” on it!)

a) Moslavačka bajka on Zrinjevac offers indigenous products from Moslavina, including 4 kinds of home-made sausages and Moslavina wine: škrlet is the white and frankovka is the red you can have there, both from Miklaužić winery, as well as their sparkling wines. And škrlet and frankovka are also the wines being mulled, and they work so well with the spices, and those wines are ideal for mulling

I.) Adventski vjenčić has several booths around the centre of the city, and we tested (and re-tested, but don’t tell anyone, OK?) their mulled wine on Ban Jelačić square. It’s winery Markota’s from Pleternica (in Slavonia) graševina and merlot they use for mulling, and it’s delicious, excellent sweetness and spices – although the spices are a bit on the strong side, especially cloves, so if you don’t enjoy that, it might be a bit too much for you.

1.1) Mala Hunjka booth on the beginning (or is it the end?) of Petrićeva street, near the Sun sculpture has great mulled wine, they purchase it from Vupik, the red is a vranac blend and the white is a graševina blend, but the great thing about it is that it’s the most citrus-y of all the wines we tried, sweet enough but still manages to be refreshing. And they also have wonderful orahnjača, makovnjača and the same type of cake made with carobs (does not really have a name, but people still apparently like it), so I’m not able to be objective

·) Also on Ban Jelačić square there is a Stara Bistra booth, also with the usual offer of sausages and other traditional stuff, and OPG Danijel Špoljar wine from Donja Bistra. The red is also frankovka (obviously this year’s favourite type of red wine for advent mulling), and I can’t remember what the white is, but it’s also theirs and it’s very good, excellent combination of spices, just the right amount of everything, another mulled wine showing that it really does take skill to make it.

The honourable mention goes to Mundoaka, on plateau Gradec near Klovićevi dvori, with excellent mulled wine, made with the twist and somewhat different set of spices than usual. Their wine gets a special mention because it’s not Croatian, rather imported from Argentina, Dogo Company, and the red is malbec and the white is chardonnay.

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