The Wine Events of Croatia: Kujundžuša Festival in Imotski

By , 04 Jan 2017, 21:53 PM Croatian Wine Events

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The association of vintners and winemakers of the Imotski region, “Cvit razgovora” has been organizing the festival of kujundžuša, the indigenous wine variety in Imotski for the last 12 years. It has grown over the years, and the last festival, held in August of 2016 in Imotski managed to gather over 15 winemakers from the region, that brought over 50 labels of their wines to be tasted at the festival.

The festival is held at the centre of the town of Imotski, outdoors, since there’s no reason not to have such a gathering outdoors in August in Imotski, and for the past few years the organizers say that over 3000 people visited the festival and tasted the wines offered. Grabovac winery is one of the organizers of the festival, and often it hosts the events that are a part of the festival, such as the round-table on the possibilities of advancing the wine tourism in Imotski region. Other wineries participating were Imota cooperative, Sušić, Jerković, Buljan, Šimunović, Rebić and others.

Part of the festival is, of course, the grading of the wines, especially grading kujundžuša, and best kujundžuša of the festival is often from the Grabovac winery, but also by Glavota and others. Awards are also given to best “other” white wines and the best reds, even though the festival is dedicated to kujundžuša – since it is the celebration of winemaking in the region.

And, yes, there’s food as well, as it is necessary to keep those 3000 people fed so they can taste as much wine as possible (for 40 kuna you get a glass that allows you to drink as much as you want on the wineries’ stands), so a lot of traditional food is prepared for the hungry and the thirsty.

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