The Wine Fairs of Croatia: Mosla-vina

By , 29 Oct 2016, 19:13 PM Croatian Wine Events

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Kutina is the heart of Moslavina winemaking country, and a location of a wine exhibition that is the celebration of winemakers of the region. The festival is, quite appropriately, called Mosla-Vina, as the region has wine in its name and the organisers, Association of winemakers and fruit growers of Moslavina took advantage of that.

In 2016 it was held for the 23rd time, so it has managed to mature (not in oak, though!) and become a very respectable grading event for the local winemakers. The exhibition focuses mostly on local winemakers, and the grading is done in six categories: best škrlet wine (a local favourite), best other indigenous wines (not just the ones that are fully indigenous in Croatia, but also the varieties that have been present for a long time and are recognized as being “local”), best blended wine, best other varieties wine, best dessert wine and best fruit wine. Although most winemakers participating in the competition are local, last year one of the best graded wines was a crljenak from Dalmatian inland, and there were participant from Slavonia and other regions as well.

In addition to the grading, various other wine events take place as well, such as the Evening of Škrlet and Moslavina cuisine and Eno Gastro Show held at Kutina’s main town square, which are intended for the promotion to the broader public. The lectures on the exhibition are, however, more directed to the local winemakers, as they talk about the barrels, wine diseases etc. Several wineries get the chance to be presented each year and have the tasting of their wines and one of the strong points of this lovely event is its location: it’s the so-called “Vinski dvor” (Wine Court), in the basement of Kutina’s Culture Centre, opened in 2002 and used all year round to promote wine-drinking culture. And for a few days in May it hosts the Mosla-vina festival you should visit, if you’re a fan of central Croatian wines, especially škrlet. And we promise there will be no snow!

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