Croatian Winemakers: Jarec-Kure in Sv. Ivan Zelina

By , 31 Oct 2016, 21:01 PM Croatian Wine Producers

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Jarec-Kure is a family-owned winery in Sv. Ivan Zelina, where Stjepan Jarec and Kristijan Kure have been making some of the best wines of continental Croatia. Although the tradition of wine-making in their families goes back for over a hundred years, since the sixties they’ve been working the 10 hectares of vineyards they own in a way that produces the best possible wines, and not the highest quality.

They grow the following varieties: chardonnay, syrah, pinot noir, pinot blanc, graševina, moslavac and kraljevina. Most of their vineyards produce internationally renowned varieties, and work with indigenous varieties less, but their results are exceptional with those international varieties. The star of their cellar is pinot blanc, with many experts (and awards and medals!) saying that it’s the best pinot blanc in Croatia. The Zelina terroir gives it a full aroma and flavour, so it’s a well balanced semi-dry wine with mild apricot and dried fruit in the taste.

The other wine Jarec-Kure winery makes that has consistently gotten great marks at exhibitions and is extremely well taken by the consumers who appreciate white wine is their chardonnay, dry, a bit less alcoholic than the pinot and also specific to Zelina region, with great aroma and wonderful yellow-green colour. They blend their red grapes syrah and pinot noir to a very harmonic and well-rounded blend.

All of their wines can be tasted and enjoyed at their modern lovely cellar with the wonderful view of their vineyards, located on the Zelina wine-road, not even 30 kilometres east of Zagreb, and it’s important to note that all of their wines, including the gold-medal winning pinot blanc and chardonnay are sold at extremely affordable prices and make for an excellent choice for everyday drinking.

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